Easy Way to Foam Milk at Home

I absolutely love a foamy cappuccino but I find that it is very difficult to make ones at home that equal the ones made at my restaurant. There are a lot of machines out there but I feel that they are either expensive, don’t work that well or take up a lot of counter space. I was very excited to try the PowerLix MilkPro. When I first opened the box I was very skeptical. Could something so small and sleekly designed work? I put in the batteries (not included) and gave it a try. The results were great! I first used it with cold milk and the milk foamed up so beautifully and was perfect for topping an iced cappuccino or iced coffee. I then tried it with warm milk and the results were equally as impressive. It is very easy to clean and use. In less than 30 seconds you will have delicious frothy milk. Jenn’s View is two thumbs up!

Insider Tip: If you are making iced cappuccino you must chill the coffee before pouring over ice or else your coffee will be watery. To do this properly, make the espresso first then pour some cold milk into it to cool it down and then pour over ice. Top it with the foamed milk and enjoy.

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