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Where to Find The Best Apple Pie

Driving down a country road in Riverhead NY I finally found what I had been searching for – Briermere Farms. I had heard and read about their homemade pies with perfect crusts filled with farm grown fruit. I couldn’t wait to try. But wait! There were so many varieties to choose from. Should I get the Apple, Pumpkin, Blueberry, Chocolate Cream? Alas, I figured it’s Fall and with the beautiful Apple Trees bursting with red apples I chose the Apple Pie. So, to be honest, I really wanted to take a picture of the whole pie but it smelled so good that I quickly dug in right when I got home completely forgetting to take the pic. The crust was flaky with a hint of salt and the apple filling was not overly sweet and allowed the flavor from the fresh apples to shine through. So Jenn’s View on this one is two thumbs up. If you don’t live near Riverhead you are still in luck because you can order online. I have attached the link. Enjoy, my friends!!

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