House Update 3

Today we had to make the final decision on the color of the house. This is quite daunting because colors change in different light. Luckily our amazing builder Matt Lucas ordered a large quantity of samples so he could put them up on the house so we would be able to see exactly what the exterior will look like. We are aiming for a very light gray that leans towards beige. We also need to pick out the color of the gutters. Should there be a contest or do we want them to disappear and not be noticeable? Picture is below so you can email me your opinion.

Front Steps:

Steps went in last week. We decided to have the steps run the length of the front entry. I think that this looks more modern and sleek. Maybe we will put some planters on the side of the front door when the house is done. I want the final look to be minimal and not fussy. A metal roof on the garage and over the front door will create contrast and add to the modern farmhouse feel of the home. We chose black framed windows for the exterior that are white on the interior. I love the way the black framed windows look against a light gray house.

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