House Update 2

So it’s been about two months since my first post about building a home. Thank you for all the emails with advice and well wishes. So the foundation was poured and the framing is almost done. We have had to make a lot of decisions about color of windows, hardware and what kind of hinges we want on our doors. It’s amazing that when you are building a house every decision becomes important. We are not being handed a finished home, we are able to make choices about every detail which I guess can be a blessing or a curse. Who knew there were so many hinge options? Should the french doors swing in or out?

We have also entered the new world of the smart home. Amazing how every light, shade, speaker, camera and TV can all be controlled by an app on your phone. Even the doorbell has a camera so you can see who’s at your door on your phone before you go and answer the door. Oh, of course you don’t need to actually answer the door in a smart home, you can simply press a button and let your guest in. You gotta love technology.

So next week we will be picking out the color of the outside of the house. This should be interesting. Can you imagine picking the wrong color and then the whole house is painted and you’re like “Uh no, I really don’t like the color.” We have all painted a room a wrong color, or dyed our hair the wrong color but can you imagine painting a house the wrong color? Stay tuned for color samples so you can all be in on the decision.

So we are very excited about the progress and look forward to the next phase:

Photo Credit: Matt Lucas Builder

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