Building a Home

A new series of posts following the tear down and construction of our new home

For the next year I will be documenting the tearing down and rebuilding of our new home. After many years of living in an older home we were faced with the decision whether to renovate, build a new addition or tear down and build new. Our home had gotten too small for our family and we wanted to have a bedroom on the main floor for my parents so they wouldn’t have to walk upstairs when visiting us. After investigating all our options we came to the conclusion that it made the most sense to build a new house. We wanted the home to be more energy efficient and all the insulation and wiring in our existing house was outdated. So after years of deliberation we made what we thought was the craziest decision and build new.

Mark and I have never built a house before. We interviewed several builders and finally settle on Matt Lucas. So here we go. We hired Tag Team, a tag sale company in Sag Harbor, to help us sell all the fixtures in the house. Over Thanksgiving weekend we watched people remove windows, sinks, beams, vanities, kitchen cabinets and appliances. The house was a shell after the sale. We were very happy that so much was going to be reused and not wasted.

House demo

The Demo took one day. It is absolutely amazing how quickly and relatively neatly a house can be taken down.

So for the next year (hopefully less) you can follow my journey. I will share the problems, the fun parts and everything in between. I hope that this series will be interesting for anyone who has ever wondered what it really is like to build a house and answer questions for those thinking about renovating or building for themselves. Please feel free to ask me any questions along the way.

Six hours later and this is what’s left….

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